Kunserva (Traditional Tomato Spread)

Made from fresh tomatoes, ideal as a spread or to enrich your sauces

Rosita Kunserva

415 grams

Rosita Kunserva jar

310 grams

Rosita Kunserva Fefel

310 grams

Rosita Kunserva small

200 grams

Sunny Kunserva 2kg

2 Kilograms

2 Kilograms

Sugu tat-Tadam (Tomato Juice)

Made from fresh tomatoes with no added starch to keep its taste. Ideal as a cooking ingredient.

Sunny Passata

2 kilograms

Rosita Sagu 680g

680 grams

Rosita Sugu

400 grams

Kapunata (Egg Plants appetizer)

Made from fresh vegetables. Ideal as a side dish or to enrich your cooking.

Sunny kapunata

1.9 kilograms

280 grams

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